Does Phallosan Forte Extender Really Work?

Let’s admit it: as men, we all desire that extra large member, don’t we? Of course! Statistics reveal that 40% of men seek online solutions on different ways to extend their penis size annually. Although there are a couple of solutions offered by medical institutions worldwide, the majority of them require you to physically avail of them yourself.


Unfortunately, most men aren’t that confident to show up. Luckily, there is a way you can actually remedy yourself without visiting a doctor. Among the best methods is the use of the Phallasan Forte extender.


What is Phallosan Forte?

The Phallosan Forte is a unique penis enlargement device that uses the power of vacuum extension to comfortably enlarge your penis. This revolutionary device was invented in Germany in 2001. It is tested and approved by the FDA and is widely used in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.


The product uses the power of stretching and suction to provide permanent results. You are required to simply wear it daily for an hour or two for maximum results.


Who are its manufacturers?


Phallosan Forte is a trademark of Orbisan Limited. They have over 14 years of experience and are probably one of the largest male supplement production companies in the world. Their products are mainly supplied across Europe with its leading supply country being Malta.


What are its benefits?


According to the manufacturer, its key benefit includes penis length increment of at least 2 inches or more. Apart from that, they also guarantee penis girth and thickness of over 10%. After a successful use of up to 4 months, they guarantee stronger, harder, and improved erections. Furthermore, its manufacturers claim it can also correct penis curvature and mend penis tissues.


How does it work and who can use it?


Normally, many penis extenders are quite complicated and hard to assemble. Phallosan employs a 3-step assemble technique. You are first required to fix the suction ball to the suction bell which is indicated in the manual. Next is to fix the sleeve condom, protector cap, and tension clip together. After fixing the above steps, you are now ready to put on the Phallosan Forte extender using the elastic belt for support and comfort.


Does it really work?

Studies revealed that Phallosan’s criterion of exercising penis muscles and tissues is safe and is even proven to have positive results. They further reveal that a gentle breakdown of tissue is created as the device pulls the penis away from the body.

As the device continues with this process, the penis begins to grow in length and width as it works on replacing damaged tissues. This process ultimately provides a positive result in terms of size when practiced over a 4-month period.


The Bottom Line   

Based on customer reviews and the device’s usage, Phallosan is definitely safe to use. Besides, with its manufacturer’s new developments, it will even bring to realization the dreams of many men who desire a safer penis enlargement method.

As a user myself, I would recommend anyone seeking a penis enlargement device to invest in the Phallosan Forte for positive results. You may check expert and user reviews before making any final purchase decision.

Phallosan Forte : Reviews and Results (2018 Update)



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